DoctorHeal Thyself!


Doctor, Heal Thyself : A Guide for Physicians to Prevent Burnout and Promote Wellbeing 

Physicians have an extremely important job, one that is the culmination of years of hard work. They dedicate their lives to helping others and at times are faced with literal life-or-death decisions. But often they are so busy taking care of others, they neglect to take care of themselves, which can lead to burnout. They feel overwhelmed and exhausted, struggle to keep up with it all, and in some cases may wish to leave medicine entirely.


In Doctor, Heal Thyself, Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn shares principles, strategies, and techniques that you can use to manage your stress and improve your life. Dr. Dianne draws on what she found through her own experience with burnout and what she has learned since through study and coaching her fellow physicians to bring you this invaluable book.





About the Author, Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn

 Founder, Physician Coaching Academy

Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn is a physician peer coach and Anesthesiologist. She has been coaching physicians and physician leaders for more than 10 years. She is an engaging national speaker, coach and best selling author.


She is the founder of the Physician Coaching Academy. Her mission is to help create a health care system where physician wellness is considered an integral part of medical practice and that physicians are supported in doing what they truly want to do–to take great care of patients and advance the art and science of medicine.


Dr. Dianne had been practicing medicine as an Anesthesiologist when she went through her own experience with burnout in 2012. It adversely affected every aspect of her life, career, and relationships, and led her to leave clinical practice after 15 years of practice. For Dr. Ansari-Winn, her experience with burnout was the beginning of her journey help other physicians heal themselves and to creating the happy, fulfilled, purpose-driven life that she lives today.

Amazon Reader Reviews!

“ Dr. Dianne knows what she is doing. This message needs to be shared with doctors everywhere as early in their careers as possible."

Jennifer Peters


“ Doctor, Heal Thyself is a powerful manifesto for today’s healthcare professionals, a must-read for any physician, regardless of what stage they are in on the journey of healing others.

Joseph Ranseth

Business Coach

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