Do You Want the Top Tools to Help Yourself and Your Colleagues? 

Do you want to become a powerful peer coach in your organization?

Do you want the blueprint to start your own coaching practice?

Coaching Conversations 101

Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn will give you the structure to coach yourself or your colleagues in her lecture entitled Coaching Conversations 101

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Coaching Conversations 101 - Get the Structure to Start Physician Peer Coaching


"Dr. Dianne says "My mission now is to help my fellow doctors achieve optimum health in mind, body, and spirit so that they have the capacity to live the lives that they want to live, including practicing medicine if that is what they want to do. You can do it too."

In This Guided Training You'll Learn:

1. How to use the GROW Model in Coaching​


Learn the structure of this successful model to help you and your clients have a transformation and GROW

2. The Key Elements of a Successful Coaching Relationship


Learn the structure of a successful coach client relationship

3. How to effectively communicate with your coaching client


Learn the system to craft the questions that help your client have the tranformation they deserve 

Dr. Dianne  |  Founder, Physician Coaching Academy

Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn is a physician peer coach and Anesthesiologist. She has been coaching physicians and physician leaders for more than 10 years. She is an engaging national speaker, coach and best selling author.


She is the founder of the Physician Coaching Academy. Her mission is to help create a health care system where physician wellness is considered an integral part of medical practice and that physicians are supported in doing what they truly want to do–to take great care of patients and advance the art and science of medicine.


Dr. Dianne had been practicing medicine as an Anesthesiologist when she went through her own experience with burnout in 2012. It adversely affected every aspect of her life, career, and relationships, and led her to leave clinical practice after 15 years of practice. For Dr. Ansari-Winn, her experience with burnout was the beginning of her journey help other physicians heal themselves and to creating the happy, fulfilled, purpose-driven life that she lives today.

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Coaching Conversations 101 - Get the Structure to Start Physician Peer Coaching


Future Physician Peer Coaches


Which of these are your goals?


Promote and support physician wellness

Teach physicians effective communication strategies

Support physicians in providing quality care

Help physicians do what they are best at

Support physicians as leaders of their team

Recent Client Reviews

I would encourage a friend, especially another doctor to resist the urge to meet the challenges alone. I do not prepare my own taxes or repair the office plumbing, though I prefer to think I could, eventually, figure it out. Ask for help you can trust and pay them to do what they are experts to do."


- Roger Washington MD

I took Dr. Dianne’s coaching course in January 2020 and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made!  The course was efficient, and provided a wonderful foundation for my understanding of coaching. I am forever grateful to Dr. Dianne and Physician Coaching Academy


Susan Wilson MD

I found PCA through my own research after experiencing burnout firsthand. Her course helped me tremendously in healing from my own burnout as well as set me up with the tools and confidence to start coaching peers on my own and advocating for physician wellness.


Chelsea Gonzalez, DO

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